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Jorgensen Law provides legal support for Wounded Warriors/Veterans

Jorgensen Law provides legal support for Wounded Warriors/Veterans

Wounded Warriors and Veterans filing Social Security Disability claims need a firm offering a high chance of success. Jorgensen Law focuses on claim success to take the stress off their clients.

Filing a disability claim is frustrating for many people, according to a leading Social Security Disability claims attorney. That, coupled with the uncertainty of success, discourages many Wounded Warriors and Veterans from ever filing a claim. This ultimately, causes them to be deprived from the benefits they are entitled to. Due to the hassle surrounding these claims, there is a need for a firm to focus on claim success. Jorgensen Law expedites the claims process and aims to reach the ideal outcome for their clients. Currently, Jorgensen Law has a higher than average claim success rate with plans to increase this even further.

Any Wounded Warrior or Veteran should consult a firm to evaluate the circumstances and find the best path forward. “The decision to apply for benefits is a difficult one, especially when not guided by a professional, and more so, one who guarantees high chances of success,” said owner Don Jorgensen. At Jorgensen Law, they try as much as possible to provide the right support and advice for their clients.

Jorgensen Law is committed to achieving success for the Wounded Warriors and Veterans they work with. They ensure clients have proper representation and resources. If a claim is unsuccessful, they guide their clients through appeals. “With Jorgensen Law, we pay special attention to the rules, regulations, and procedures for disability benefits claims. Many valid claims can end up being denied because of evidence which is presented in an unorganized manner with little consideration as to the methodology. This is something we know too well and we always try to avoid these grave mistakes, which have been instrumental in increasing our success rate,” said Jorgensen.

If you or someone you know is a Wounded Warrior or Veteran struggling with their disability benefits claim, contact Jorgensen Law to find the right support. 

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Jorgensen Law’s experienced Social Security Disability Attorneys provide their clients with full guidance on their disability claim, ensuring that the process runs smoothly and ends successfully. The firm guides the client every step of the way.

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