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Kickstarter Campaign Launches For Post-Divorce Online Name Change Service

Kickstarter Campaign Launches For Post-Divorce Online Name Change Service

From the minds of online name change service, I’m a Mrs. (imamrs.com) comes another online service for people who want to ‘un-tie’ the knot called KnotAKeeper.com, an online service to help change your name after divorce. KnotAKeeper.com helps simplify the name change process by providing all the forms, notification letters and instructions all in one place.  It also has a team of name change experts on hand to help answer any questions or find any rare forms that might be needed. KnotAKeeper.com launched a Kickstarter Campaign to help raise funds for marketing and ongoing web development.  The site is expected to go live in May 2016.

KnotAKeeper.com provides online access to all the forms, notification letters and instructions required to change your name with every organization you might be associated with, including:

  • Government forms like passport, driver’s license, voter registration
  • Loyalty Programs like retail and grocery stores, frequent flyer cards, and hotel points cards, etc.
  • Utility Companies – like hydro, gas, phone, cable, internet
  • Finance & Banking – Banks, credit cards, investment accounts, insurance companies, mortgage companies, etc.
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Online Accounts – PayPal, Amazon, iTunes, Facebook, Hulu, etc.
  • Credit Bureaus – Equifax, TransUnion
  • Alumni Associations
  • Professional Associations – state licensing boards, etc.

The name change experts at KnotAKeeper.com have personally contacted each and every organization in its database to find the specific name change procedure – and dig for the easiest methods they will accept.  For example – why snail mail a notification letter when a simple email might do?  

JoAnne Stayner, heading the KnotAKeeper.com crowdfunding campaign explained: “The idea to launch KnotAKeeper.com was really driven by consumer feedback. After a partnership with Amazon Local, we received over 500 emails asking us if we could handle name change after divorce and asking us all kinds of questions on how to change back to your maiden name.  We worked closely with our customers during the development phase to enhance functionality of the site and crowdsourced the group to help finalize the name, KnotAKeeper.com.  We’re excited to bring this venture to life.”

According to the developers, Knotakeeper.com is on track to go live in late Spring in the Unites States. Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom will launch in Q4 2016.

Checkout the Kickstarter Campaign and Rewards here.

For more information please visit KnotAKeeper.com.

Media Contact: Jo-Anne Stayner, [email protected] 604.603.0657

Media Contact
Company Name: KnotAKeeper.com
Contact Person: Jo-Anne Stayner
Email: Send Email
Phone: 604.603.0657
City: Seattle
State: WA
Country: United States
Website: http://www.knotakeeper.com


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