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Synchrono SyncAlert Software Addresses Costly Production Downtime Issues

SyncAlert software instantly notifies manufacturers of disruptions in production, greatly reducing downtime.  The software can connect to any data source to receive event signals from any part of the manufacturing

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An Unwillingness to Refer New Employees May be a Symptom of Business Cancer

The unwillingness to refer a new employee may be a symptom of Business Cancer. The first step in any kind of cancer is a comprehensive diagnosis. Suggested treatment options can only be

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Engineer to Order Conveyors by Alfacon Solutions Essential to Meet Material Handling Demands

John Murdoch, CEO of Alfacon Solutions, explained designing the optimal material handling systems requires a deep understanding of the product,

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Automation Publication Welcomes Matt Rendall CEO of OTTO Motors as Editorial Contributor

AutomationMedia.com is pleased to announce Matt Rendall as an editorial contributor. Matt Rendall is CEO and Co-Founder of OTTO Motors

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Buddy Scoop: The World’s First Smart Dog Food Scoop launches Kickstarter Campaign!

An Ideal Gift for the Man’s Best Friend is Now Seeking Community Support on Kickstarter! Buddy Scoop has arrived as

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